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The Allied invasion of Okinawa was the final large naval battle of WWII in the Pacific. More than 10,000 ships and amphibious craft were involved, and the ensuing fight to destroy the Japanese 3rd army turned into a bloodbath beyond all expectations. The naval forces supporting the invasion took more casualties than the Army and Marine forces ashore, due to the unexpectedly large kamikaze attacks on the fleet's forces.

Sentinels is the story of one of those ships and the desperate men who stood fast up on the radar picket line north of Okinawa. Their job was to provide early warning to the massed fleet south of them that the kamikazes were coming. This allowed the carriers to launch fighters in time to meet the attacks. When the Japanese finally realized what those lone destroyers were there for, they turned their full attention to the picket line, with horrific consequences. This is their story.

Booklist, May 2014. This is an excellent WWII naval adventure from an author whose backlist includes the award-winning Pacific Glory (2011), among other military-themed novels.

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Saturday, May 30, 2015

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