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I enjoyed reading "The Nugget".  However, there were some errors concerning technical aspects of the airplanes. On pages 29 and 73 the fighters were described as F6F Hellcats.  Hellcats were not available in 1941 or 1942.  They should have been F4F Wildcats. On page 85 Boeing is mentioned as manufacturing the keel of the SBD. Douglas manufactured the Dauntless (SBD). The acronym SBD was for scout bomber, Douglas. Thank you.

      - H.S.    11/25

I just finished reading The Nugget, and I thoroughly enjoyed another one of your excellent books about the Pacific Theater in World War II.  I am a big fan.

      - T.H .    11/25

Another terrific book, Peter.  Certainly reminds me of The Commodore's experience.  Keep 'em coming

      - G.E.    11/22

I imagine a bunch of people have already beat up on you about this, but early in The Nugget a pilot has his engine seize on launch, in an F6F Hellcat. The Hellcat's first flight didn't take place until June of 1942, and didn't go operational until mid-1943. Other than that I'm enjoying the book. I've read almost everything you've written and like them all. Not to worry. I'm 72 years old, and have been a life-long reader of both WW II fiction and non-fiction. I'm also a hard-core computer gamer, and played many hours of a Pacific war combat flight simulator. Flew Wildcats for the first half of my game career, then got an F6F in assigned to me in early 1944.

      - N.F.    11/15

I have read all your novels.  I am only in 80 pugs into Nugget and am enthralled.  WW2 is your niche.  Keep it up.  Nothing wrong with your FBI, CIA, and spelunkers novels but this is where you excel.  What you know best.  A niche that doesn't compete with David Poyer who I also follow.  I once wrote to you about your geographical accuracy.  You also have historical accuracy.  I have yet to decide if Geo, H.W. Bush is your guy or a composite.  I will likely read all night as I cannot stop turning the pages.  Thank you for your service and your skills as a writer.

      - M. W.    11/14

I received the October email publication from "The History Reader" ( yesterday and it had a nice review of "The Nugget", in case you haven't seen it.  I have just finished reading the book and thoroughly enjoyed it, as I did all your previous books.  Keep 'em coming.

      - J.B.    10/28

Another great audio book. Of course now I have to wait another year to purchase your next saga. I am hoping you live to at least 100 so you can continue writing and I will continue to purchase. Listened to the Nugget while getting my 1958 Messerschmitt KR-201 back on the road. I find the issue with your writing is you can not stop. Would rather continue with whatever you write then sleep. You are wonderful.

      - R.K.    10/13

Captain, Read about four or five of you books, working my way through them. Loved Pacific Glory. Just finished The Last Man. It's Just a little thing but get a kick out of your often / liberal use of the colon. Never could understand why you aren't on the New York Times Best Seller List; you’re much better than the likes of a number of authors who are.A former soldier/retired cop.

      - J.W.    5/19

Thank You for your great books! I have read all of the WWII books. In "Sentinels of Fire" you describe the repair work done to the damaged ships. As a Vietnam Seabee I can appreciate the hard work under fire. Can you recommend any other books on repairs of ships during WW ll? Please keep up the good work. Looking forward to The Nugget.

      - J.M.    5/19

Just wanted to say thank you for your service and to let you know how much I enjoyed Iceman. Great read. I've always been fascinated with WW2 submarines especially in the Pacific. It's amazing what these heroes went through. I wish there were more documentaries on them. Anyways thanks again for the book and your sacrifice to our nation.

      - C.W.    4/19

I have just finished "The Iceman". It was an excellent read, and you are obviously knowledgeable about WWII submarine warfare.

      - W.G.    4/19

Enjoyed reading all of your naval stories. Much more readable than O’Brian. Looking forward to your next book on the aviator. Fun to read about Pearl, served a tour as fuel officer for DFSC PAC Region. Keep up the great Stories.

      - W.R.    4/19

I am a retired USN LCDR RIO in F-4's with VF74,101,41, ComCarGru6, ComNavAirLant, and TacRon 21. I was on the USS Forrestal (in an F3 on the flight deck) when the 1967 "Fire on the Flight Deck" happened. I got hooked on your books while browsing in the local library. The Ice Man was the first and since I have read 15 of your 21 books and waiting on the others to transfer to my local library. I am very much spellbound by your writing and adventures with the many twists and turns and drama you capture. I have never been as captured by an author since James Patterson.

      - J.M.P.    4/19

I just finish your latest novel, "The Iceman" once again I find your work to be one of the best novelist out there today. Your name should be spoken in the same breath as Clancy, De Mille & W. E.B. Griffin. I know whereof I speak. I have completed your series of "Sea Stories" along with Red Swan & The Train man. I look forward to your next work.

      - L.M.    4/19

Many thanks for your time and effort and enlightening with your vast array of information and knowledge.

      - W.H.    3/19

Dear Captain Deutermann, you might vaguely remember me as the tallest guy in your company in the year you graduated. Just want to let you know that I have become your most avid reader since discovering your books three years ago.

      - Sincerely, E.P.    3/19

Sir I really appreciate your work— I just discovered you recently, and I am going through all your books. You craft a story really, really well with lots of authenticity as well as lots of plot twists. I have to tell you, I have never heard (I listen to audiobooks) a more stunning description of a bombing attack or a more, "realistically inventive" description of nuclear bombing attack— totally believable. I don’t know if anyone else has even attempted to write about these things.

      - F.M.    3/19

I appreciate your technical accuracy and realism. I have read Hornfischer's trilogy of Naval warfare along with Hastings, Thomas and Eliot and they mesh nicely with your books. I read a detailed description of the USN's decision not to use pure oxygen as fuel for their torpedoes and the IJN's decision to overcome the difficulties leading to the superior Type 93. I believe this was in one of your novels, but I consumed them as audiobooks and cannot thumb through and find it. I'm hoping you can help me locate the passage.

I look forward to Sentinels of Fire. The father of a friend commanded LCMR 195 when it was sunk at Okinawa by a kamikaze, and I have been scouring my non-fiction about Okinawa. Again, thanks for the stories and the service. I hope life is treating you well.

      - D.B    3/19

I’m a 26 year Navy retired E-8 (HMCS) I just read the ICE MAN. Couldn't put it down. Id say it's your best work ever. Can't wait for the next one. i think I have read every one of your novels.

      - W.H.    3/19

I’m not one to get weepy reading novels, especially those concerning war. But, the story leading up to the medal ceremony at the end of Pacific Glory had me in tears. The men and women in uniform during WWII were truly a special breed. Thank you writing books that put me squarely in the middle of the action. Great Job!!!

      - J.G.    3/19

I'm reading/listening to Red Swan for the second time. There are only a few authors I find I can reread/listen after a year or so and enjoy nearly as much as the first time. I believe this is a sign of outstanding ability in both writing and storytelling. I have read most, if not all of your books, and continue to enjoy them while eagerly waiting for the next one to be published. Well done sir, and thank you very much.

      - R.D.    2/19

Since Tony Taylor introduced me your books a couple of weeks ago I've read five of them, finishing Pacific Glory this morning with tears in my eyes. I was one of those carrier aviators you mention, albeit just a navigator in Prowlers. My only experience on a small boy was a one night stay on the U.S.S. Fox as an observer during a jamming exercise. But your stories are bringing back my own memories of wonderful and horrible days. Thank you for writing with such great insight and letting the stories leap from the pages.

      - K.L.    2/19

I enjoyed reading Pacific Glory especially the character Mike McCarty. It gave me a better insight into what a dear friend who recently passed must have gone thru flying off the Big E. Rob Roy who died at age 94, was the youngest pilot in Night Torpedo Squadron 90 flying TBM Avengers. It wasn’t until his memorial service that we learned that he had been awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Air Medal for his heroic actions in the Pacific or that he escaped death on two occasions by being where he wasn't supposed to be on the ship while under attack. We will never forget him. I thought you might be interested in hearing this. Looking forward to reading The Nugget.

      - J.B.    2/19

Just finished 'The Iceman' and hated to see it end. Keep up the great work.

      - L.B.    2/19

Cmdr Stormes should be retained by the USN as tactics instructor at Pearl, even though he may be wedding a Sheila doctor. Also, the accident report cites a mine as reason for Firefish sinking but Sonar did hear one ping. Do mines generate pings? Perhaps his tactics in the Bay of Biscany to sink the 3 U-boats could be an incubator for some further Atlantic novels.

      - M.S.    12/18

I could not put the book down. The military action rings true on many fronts. Some real people populate the story. Both Peter Deutermann and his father had long Navy careers. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this story and the other three I mentioned earlier. GO! BUY! READ!

      - J.H    07/18

Capt. Deuterman - I am a retired Army LTC/GS-15.My Dad was a Machinist Mate on Gearing Class Destroyers and was a member of the Commissioning Crew on DD-870 - U.S.S. Fecthler. He loved that ship and I had the honor of attending one of his reunions when I was 10 (1961). I just completed Pacific Glory and plan to read your other "sea stories as well. You have a knack - similar to a contemporary of yours Rick DeStephanis (who writes Vietnam War Fiction) - to present your story in prose that enables the reader to see events and characters in color. I am an OCS Graduate and went from PFC to LTC in 20 years followed by a 15 year career as a GS-15 Deputy PM for the Army Electronic version Medical Records Program. My achievements, such as they are, are on the Internet. I would urge you to pick up a copy of Rick's latest work "...Valley of the Purple Hearts..." The scenarios he presents were much the same as those related to me by my Fraternity Brother who was in the Au Shau Valley in 1969. Finally - my Dad passed away in 1992 at the age of 63. We never got the chance to go to Pearl Harbor together. I made that pilgrimage on 7 December 2005. He was in Pearl Harbor heading to the Western Pacific on a Fletcher Class Destroyer in 1945 (fresh from Bainbridge, MD as a 17 Seaman). He told me what the Arizona looked like in 1945. You captured that description. I have been back to Hawaii twice since 2005. My wife (whose Dad was in the 101st ABN at Normandy) knows to leave me alone as I salute the Arizona and shed a tear for my Dad and all those brave enough to go down to the sea in ships.

      - J.O.    07/18

I stumbled upon your book "Official Privilege" and can't wait to get my hands on your other books. I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Your character development was great. Thank you.

      - B.K.    07/18

Just a fyi -- Scorpion in the Sea is one of the best novels I've ever read and I re-read it (or parts of it) regularly.

      - D.N.    07/18

I picked up "Cat Dancers" at the Madison library a month or so ago and enjoyed it, so I kept checking your books out.  I eventually noticed you lived in NC and upon checking found you were in Rockingham County. I have read all in Madison and am now getting them from Reidsville. When you have a new one coming out, if you have a nearby signing, I would like to meet you.

      -    07/18

I'm a vet Tin Can sailor, Dad was career Army. Grew up on military bases, 2 tours in Nan then on DD888 USS STICKELL. Enjoy your Navy books please write another. Best wishes.

      - K.G. 06/18   SHORTDATE

Just finished Ghosts - previously completed Cat, Spider Mountain, Trainman, and Sentinels of Fire.  Looking forward to completing your other works - my library will be full soon. KOKO - great fun to read your work.

      - K.S.    06/18

The Iceman is definitely deserving as much recognition, if not more, than "... Glory!" I commend your ongoing dedication in bringing to life WWII naval history through thorough research and your creativity in developing characters that reflect the mind and trials of those who served, especially those in the Silent Service. I often found myself relating your tale of submarine ops to those that I grew up hearing from my father who was one of the early batch of aggressive sub skippers who brought new fleet boats to the war during the early months of '42 and was later tasked by Lockwood to "fix the problem" when it came to defective firing pins on the MK 14 torpedoes.

      - A.T. 06/18

Just had to write a fan letter telling you how much I have enjoyed and am enjoying your work. My father spent three years in South Pacific on an LST without a night on shore. Participated in 28 D Day type landings. Never talked about it. Much of what I know is from the oral history that the wonderful WWII Museum in NO did with him. I know your father was in the South Pacific and I can't thank you enough for bringing your talents to this part of our shared history.

      - S.S. 9-11-16   09/16

I was first introduced to your books through Richter; The Cat Dancers. Though I have enjoyed some of your other books, I REALLY MISS Richter and his dogs. Living with dogs myself, I connected to your characters with the warmth of feeling at home. Few people can write about dogs behavior with such true understanding about how they 'feel'. There is nothing like having your dog stand down a group of young punks, then look at you as though saying 'Wasn't that fun? Let's play!' Me? I'm so relieved the creeps left, I just get him over excited!

The stories you told were unique and filled with research. My fave? The Nightwalkers. I'm from a military family and served myself; so I've seen many ways people live. Your house in Nightwalkers brought back memories. Thank you for all your stories. They are a service unto themselves.

      - P.Q. 9-10-16   09/16

I have read all your published works to date and have thoroughly enjoyed them all. I recently re-read 'Scorpion In the Sea', and enjoyed it as much as the first time I read it. That being said, I would dearly love a sequel to that novel. I was a 'Beltway Bandit' employee for a number of years and even had the unique experience of riding in an elevator with CommsNav Air, Sea and Mat one Saturday morning. I have been witness to some of the 'political intrigue' that you bring out in the 'Scorpion' story... and would really like to see the 'rest of the story' to quote the late, great Paul Harvey.

      - R.S. 9-4-16   09/16

Just finished 'The Commodore' and loved it. Took me two days (had to interrupt my reading to do a funeral escort with the American Legion Riders). Great read, as with all your other WW II novels. Thank you and keep 'em coming.

      - D.S. 8-25-16   09/16

I few weeks ago I read The Commodore and really enjoyed your book. I felt like I was really there. So last week I went to the local library and got Pacific Glory. The descriptions of the battles were so realistic that I could visualize what was happening. I also felt like I knew the characters. I really made the book 'come alive.' I am anxiously looking forward to reading your new book Cold Frame.

      - P. H. 8-25-16   09/16

Finished listening to the Commodore. Terrific story P.T., and great job by Dick Wolf. Made my commute to/from work so much better. Glad you chose Guadalcanal. Fascinating campaign when you consider the naval battles associated with it.

      - J.K. 8-24-16   09/16

I really loved The commodore. It should be required reading at the Naval War College on leadership. Speaking of Guadalcanal, we have a Medal of Honor recipient buried in Cle Elum Washington. Douglas Munro, the only Coastguardsman to receive the MOH. He put his Higgins Boat between the retreating marines and the Japanese machineguns on Guadalcanal and lost his life. He was nominated by none other than Chesty Puller himself. They have Douglas Munro Day every year on Sept. 27 and the Coast Guard sends out an Admiral and honor guard Looking forward to your next two books.

      - J.B. 8-21-16   09/16

Enjoyed 'The Commodore' very much thought you might try to put him in the same predicament that you put Gar Hammond wouldn't mind reading more about the Average detective or frick, frack and kitty. You always put out a very good read .

      - C.C. 8-14-16   09/16

Enjoyed reading your last book which was enhanced by frequently referencing Crenshaw's South Pacific Destroyer and it's maps. Although I spent over a year aboard a navy amphibious helicopter carrier in the early seventies, your use of navy terms and acronyms left me somewhat short of full understanding. Please understand that a few maps and glossary may have provided me a more thorough appreciation of your story, I enjoyed it greatly as I have nearly all of you books to date and eagerly await you next novel.

      - J.H. 8-16-16   09/16

I've read and enjoyed all your books. Just finished 'Commodore' and do believe your naval ones are very much your best. Not much fiction being written anymore about WWII actions, so hoping you'll keep that flag flying. Best.

      - J.L. 8-15-16   09/16

Great Book!! 'The Commodore' was fantastic! One question; was the "school" that Halsey had Wolf set up in Pearl a real entity? I found that interesting because the reason Topgun came into being was for a similar reason. Thank You again!!

      - B.B. 8-11-16   09/16

You've done it again. No Surprise on my end. At the end of the Book, I was overcome with emotion. As I related to you previously, my father was a Guadalcanal survivor... on the 6th wave of the initial landing - 8/8/1942, I think. Can only imagine the trauma & difficulty he encountered during his time there. That said, Keep 'Pressing On' in your work - Clearly, I'm not the only one who appreciates the stories, which are too close to the truth.

      - R.H. 8-11-16   09/16

Your newest book was wonderful, thank you. The down side is now I have to wait for the next book, but well worth the wait.

      - R.K. 8-10-16   09/16

I have read most of your books, just finished The Dark Side this evening, and can't tell you how much I enjoyed all of them. I am an 89 year old WWII Navy Vet, having served on the USS Mission Bay CVE-59 as a 17 year old Fireman, living in Bayside NY and Delray Beach FL. I am eagerly awaiting your new book The Commodore. I recently went on an Honor Flight from Florida to Washington DC (one day) to visit the WWII Memorial and was very exhilarating and brought me back 71 years! Please keep writing it keeps me felling young again.

      - A.W. 7-30-16   09/16

1/30/16 Dear Mr. Deutermann: I greatly enjoyed your very well written novel "Cold Frame." Thank you for your detailed description of the Kill List and detention centers, and explanations about unconstitutionality; I admire your courage as a truth-teller. Want to fix errors in your 2nd printing? P.13, line 2, insert comma after Security; p.29, 3 lines from bottom, change hold to held; p.132, line 4, delete the word "that" before handsomely. With respect and gratitude...

      - NMH   02/16

1/26/16 Cold frame was great. My wife just got her master gardener cert and as I talked about cold frame she wanted to read it. It would be interesting to see what the research involved. Thanks for a really good (and funny) book. I laughed a lot. I hope your boys (dog) are ok I always enjoy them in the stories. Keep writing.

      - ML   02/16

1/23/16 Comment: Dear Mr. Deutermann I am an 89 year old snipe, having served on an a CVE (Mission Bay)...I was one of those 18 year olds you mentioned in your last WWII book and I am eagerly awaiting your next novel about Guadalcanal...I think that’s what you told me about a year ago. Love your books and can’t stop talking about them to the guys in the pool!

      - AW   02/16

1/19/16 Hi. I just finished one of your older books; "Darkside". It is the 3rd book of yours that I have read. I thoroughly enjoyed all three. You have a great ability to write very good and exciting stories. I was active duty Navy during the Vietnam period; actually was in country in the Mekong Delta. The other book I read was about the SEAL that was left for dead after one of his missions. I am going to get more of your recent books; and also spread the word to my friends on your great readings. Thanks for giving me great enjoyment.

      - HC   02/16

1/19/16 Just a quick note from a fan living just across the border in Henry County. Discovered Cold Frame on the new books table. On my second Richter, Spider Mountain. Enjoy your work.

      - MS   02/16

1/19/16 I am a librarian in a small town in Mi. I have enjoyed you books for a long time. One of my favorite things is to get a patron hooked on your Cam Richter books. We all hope you will find a way to bring him and his crazy crew back. There are a lot of strange and weird things that they could get into. I have to confess I have never been a war story reader. I am not even fond of war movies. I find that I do like your military books and I recommend them to my patrons, even my teen boys. thank you for the great stories.

      - MM   02/16

1/12/16 I have read a number of your novels and enjoyed them all. Now I started "The Moon Pool," and I have a question: does any harm befall Frick or Frack? Call me sentimental, but I work for an animal rescue organization and boarding facility, and violence against real or imaginary animals turns my stomach. So, if your answer is "yes" I will have to stop reading this book and try another one. Regards,

      - SS   02/16

12/19/15 Every time I finish one of your novels, (and I think I've read them all), I feel this is your best.....Now I've finished "Cold Frame", and again, your best.....Of course it kept me up all night and I was late for my tee time, but well worth it...I don't know how you can always top yourself, but here's one reader who appreciates your work....

      - VB   02/16

I just finished two of your books-Last Man and Pacific Glory. Enjoyed them greatly.

      - AH   02/16

12/26/15 Aloha Peter, Happy Holidays. I read with relish your Pacific novels, when will you return to military themed work with weapons and technology? I have read your first 3...I loved Bungo Suido...more please.

      - JR   02/16

12/12/15 I am an 88 year old former Navy Fireman, actually an Engineer's Log Room Yeoman, served aboard the USS Mission Bay CVE 59, as an 18 year old in 1945 and 46. I have enjoyed tor Naval novels, and have talked about you and your books to my octogenarian friends here in South Florida. Just finished reading Edge of Honor...great story. When I expect your new book?

      - AW   02/16

12/12/15 I would like to thank you for the book you sent me. Sentinels of Fire. I enjoyed reading it and I will keep it because you signed it for me and sent it to me for my husband, James.

      - DR   02/16

12/11/15 I finished reading Train Man a few days ago. I live about 10 miles from Memphis, and worked there most of my life, crossing the bridge next to the train bridge daily. I enjoyed this book quite a bit, scared the bejesus out of me, but really loved the book. I work in a library now in my home town (don't have to use the bridge anymore!) and recommend your books on a weekly basis to my patrons. Being a dog lover, I especially enjoyed the Cam Richter series. I look forward your future books. Thank you.

      - CF   02/16

12/10/15 I just finished he Moonpool and had tears in my eyes at the end. Second time this has happened after reading one of your books. The first was Edge of Honor. That book brought back my memories of Naval service on board USS Renshaw DD-499 from 1964-1966. Desron 25 as I recall, homeported in Pearl Harbor. We spent the better part of 1965 in Westpac and served as Commodore's flagship when the McCain was sidelined for repairs when we first left Pearl. I now have read all of your books that I can find in my library and that is why I am here today on the Web looking for more. Your books are real page-turners but also a great commentary about life. It is a privilege and honor to read your stories. Smooth sailing and keep writing Captain.

      - BS   02/16

12/2/15 The three novels you have written concerning the USN war in the Pacific have been hugely enjoyed and have galvanized me in to finding out more about the USN's part in that theater of the World War II. The last few days have been taken up by searching the web for more information on the ships and classes mentioned in "Sentinels of Fire" including interior photographs and blueprints of the GEARING Class. I look forward to more books by you on the similar topics.

      - R.P. (RCN)   02/16

11/14/15 I LOVE your Cam Richter series. As a County Library Director in Arkansas, I always make certain we are keeping all your series books on the shelves in our seven branches. Please tell me you are going to write another book in the Cam Richter series!! He has so much unfinished business and he is an absolutely fabulous character. Keep on producing your awesome books.

      - DD   02/16

11/16/15 "Cold Frame" - Excellent. I have always maintained that "fiction" is an excellent vehicle for exposing what needs to be seen.

      - HR   02/16

11/12/15 Just finished COLD FRAME. Excellent read and great transition (?) from the Cam Richter novels, which I enjoyed. I first read you after a random pull of MOONPOOL from the local library shelf, and have gone through most of your works except the earlier Sea Stories. Keep writing so I can keep on enjoying! Thank You!

      - JS   02/16

11/6/15 I am currently reading Pacific Glory. This is a great book and is more interesting to me because my father survived the sinking of the Vincennes. While I grew up knowing this happened, your words have helped me realize how horrible it was to be involved in such a thing. I want to thank you for your work on this novel.

      - JR   02/16

I just finished Cold Frame and you have an instant follower. Very, very few of the thousands of books I have read in 67 yrs. have captivated me like Cold Frame. Wow. Amazing storytelling. A few pages took over 20 minutes to read as I was laughing so damn hard. Read a line and put the book down, read the next and down again. Highly recommended as a "guy" book.

      - DD   02/16

Your books are among my favorites. I have been a fan since the mid nineties, reading your books while in transit on ship as a marine. Life is much calmer for me now but your books continue to entertain. Thank you.

      - W. Roberts, June 1, 2015   06/15

Just finished Sentinels of Fire. Fantastic. You had the best description of the operation of the DRT I have seen.. I used to work the DRT in combat on the Missouri. Used it to navigate the English Channel in 1949. Over 300 ships on the bottom. When we arrived at Portsmouth the Skipper (H.P. Smith) had the cooks give us steak and eggs. keep up the good writing.

      - T. Pederson, May 14. 2015   06/15

Peter: just finished the Sentinels of Fire! As always it is an excellent story.I remeber as a kid watching films detailing the Kamikaze attacks on the main fleet around Okinawa, but saw nothing about attacks on the radar screen destroyers. Even though your Dad never spoke of what he experienced at Okinawa, you have obviously talked to people that were there!

      - J. Sherin May 12, 2015   06/15

I had the privilege of serving under your father when he was skipper of the USS Roanoke CL-145 in the early 1950's. I remember him a stern but fair skipper who was a great seaman.

      - A. Sivak, 30 April 2015   06/15

I've just finished reading Pacific Glory, the first book of yours that I have read. As an avid history buff (BA in History) I have to say I was staggered by your story. I love historical fiction but this book's depiction of the events off Samar were rivetingly real as were the composite figures in the book, just like so many WWII vets I knew as a kid growing up in the 1960's. You have far surpassed others in your field when it comes to vivid description, wonderful prose and the bone chilling reality of what it was like. You brought me to tears at times. I salute you sir, for your talent and your service, thank you for your gift.

      - D. Sumners, 29 April 2015   06/15

I just finished reading Pacific Glory and I'd like to say, 'Thank you' and 'Bravo Zulu'! I'm a Navy ROTC guy from Texas; spent my active duty on USS Coral Sea CVA-43 out of Alameda/San Francisco from '72-'75; including three WestPac cruises. My 3rd class summer cruise was on DDR-742 USS Frank Knox out of San Diego which helped me visualize your Pacific Glory destroyer story. Your book made a former Navy officer proud!

      - E. Tenison, 29 April 2015   06/15

Really liked Sentinels! Every page is more suspense, with the closing chapters a delightful blend of 'fact' and humor. And a very good ending, totally in keeping with the book. Thanks again

      - J. Lackland, 27 March 2015   06/15

Hello Captain, I am reading "Darkside" and am thoroughly enjoying it. I suppose that I am one of those 'Jurassic' types that are having a bit of a problem with accepting the many changes that have occurred since we graduated from "Canoe U) in 1948. However, your book is opening my eyes and changes some of those old dinosaur-like reactions to today's world. Thank you for 'Darkside'.

      - H. B. 19 March 2015   06/15

Dear Sir, I just finished reading your book entitled Pacific Glory. Never before, have a read a book that, had me crying on several ocassions. Why?, I think because I know what a split second means in combat. I am lucky be here, and wake up feeling so every day. I served in Vietnam 68-69 as a infantryman in the Iron Triangle along the Cambodian border. A little less than half or our unit made it out alive during that year. I think that being in heavy combat with the enemy gives you a perspective that you brought in your book. Thank you for what you do, and enjoy the moment.

      - Fred Gibbs, 8 March 2015   06/15

I just finished reading your book 'Pacific Glory' for the second time. It was one of the most moving books I have read. I was a Plane Captain of a A4D on the Independence, Saratoga and the Shangri-La in the late 50's so I have a small feel of the seagoing navy

      - B.Bracken 8 March 2015   06/15

I am a avid reader and have recently discovered your books. So far I have read THE LAST MAN, CAT DANCERS.. I really like these two and suspect I will enjoy all that you have written. I am also a great fan of Nelson DeMille and can understand why he praises your work. I look forward to reading all your books. Keep them coming!

      - K. Roseberry 4 March 2014   06/15

I hope you continue to write, either about the military or just mystery and suspense. You are an excellent writer and I truly enjoy reading your books.

      - J. Sullivan 8 February 2015   06/15

After reading Sentinels of Fire, I decided to read Pacific Glory. I have long been interested in the history of World War II and in particular naval history in the Pacific. I liked reading both of your books and will read your works again in the future. In your authors note in Pacific Glory you mentioned making up the name of the USS Winston and how you named the USS Evans. I thought you might like to know that there was a USS Winston, AKA -94, an Andromeda class attack cargo ship commissioned 1-19-1045 at the New York Naval Yard. She served in both Korea and Vietnam in addition too WW-II. During WW-II there was a Fletcher class destroyer, USS Robley D. Evans DD-552 commissioned 12-11-1943 in Mobile, Alabama. I had previously read The Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors and will be reading Sea of Thunder. Thank you for your service in the US Navy.

      - Anthony Bracciante. 7 February 2015   06/15

Having read every one of your books, I just finished Sentinels of Fire. It was most informative, albeit painful to read at points, and, as usual, very well written. Having served on USS Bigelow, DD942 as a midshipman in 1964, it brought many aspects of life in the destroyer Navy back to life.

Thank you for your excellent contributions to the reading world in general and to me in particular.

      - Randy Faro, ELCA retired. 16 February 2015   06/15

Except for your military books I have listen to them over and over. Great reader, and outstanding stories. I took a chance and just finished Edge of Honor Double WOW. But.....what was in the captain's LOG????? Your loyal reader....

      - J. Thomas, 13 February 2015   06/15

Sentinels of Fire was a great read for a nautical type such as myself. No combat experience, but served in 1967-68 on old Destroyer Escort class ships while junior officer in Coast Guard. Book really excels in some of best sea/air battle descriptions I have ever read. Well done. I have read most all your books and enjoyed them all.

      - D. West, 26 January 2015   06/15

Just read Pacific Glory. Thank you - best navy story I've read in a long time. I served aboard USS Canberra (CAG-2) in Vietnam from 65-68 as R-div Officer. Opening story about Battle of Savo Island had me hooked. I had the honor to steam down the Slot enroute Melbourne for Coral Sea Days celebration in '67. Very moving experience.

      - J.M. 7-11-14   07/14

Finished Sentinels of Fire last night. In my opinion it's your best book yet

      - G.E. 7-26-14   07/14

have just finished SENTINELS OF FIRE
a fantastic read. THANK YOU SIR

      - C.C. 7-24-14   07/14

Thank you for another great story. Having just finished 'Sentinels of fire' in two days, I will be waiting for your next book to be amazed by. Your writing is great, as was the history lesson. I have read all your books. Pacific Glory was the best, the emotions I felt at the end are still with me. "Sentinels.." caused similar reactions but the history lesson on war at sea should be read by everyone. Thank you so much.

      - B.F. 7-20-14   07/14

Peter, you've outdone yourself this time. Sentinels, in my view, is your very best yet, and, of course, I can't wait for your next one. Your descriptions, the scenarios, the depiction of our sailors, all just captured me. I hope some old timers got a chance to read or have read to them your words....or, perhaps not, just like your father. BTW, you state time using "O" instead of zero. Was that the way it was back then? (author’s note: yes, it was)

      - J.T. 7-18-14   07/14

Greetings. I just completed Pacific Glory and left a review on My congratulations to you on a wonderful novel. I look forward to reading Ghosts of Bungo Suido and Sentinels of Fire. Bravo, Mr. Deutermann!
Nick Pignatelli - Author of The Devil's Claw, An Adirondack Thriller.

      - N.P. 7-17-14   07/14

Discovered you on several months ago and am now on book 8. Did the Cam-series first and, living in Raleigh, loved all the NC references and locations. Have not gotten to your military fiction yet but intend to.
I concur with all the obvious comparisons to Lee Child, Stephen Hunter et al. You and Dick Hill are a Dynamic Duo.

      - M331 7-16-14   07/14

Thank you in advance for releasing another great audiobook. You have yet to let me down and I look forward to the newest arrival of [Sentinels] this coming Tuesday, 15 July 2014. I am hopeful you will continue to keep all of your fans forever looking forward to another release. Tuesday is not that far away yet I am getting quite on edge waiting. Tomorrow I turn 66, so a new book by you is about as great birthday present as one could ask for.

      - R.K. 7-10-14   07/14

Your work is superb. Hope you have many more works to share with your public.

      - D.T. 7-2-14   07/14

Your last book was a winner as usual, Peter. Looking forward to the next one.

      - H.C. 6-12-14   07/14

I just finished reading Pacific Glory. As a retired hospital acific Glory has to be in the top 3 historical

      - G.P. 5-12-14   07/14

An advance copy of Sentinels arrived just as were leaving for a few days in Virginia. I took it along and found it impossible to put aside. The story literally blew me away with its vivid, raw descriptions of life aboard the Malloy during the battle of Okinawa … congratulations on this superb story.

      - G.D.J. 5-5-14   07/14

Just finished the Last Man - hated to lay it down. Excellent historical novel with a great setting and two very good characters. Hope you will continue with them. I am on to your other books now to check them out.

      - M.M. 11-11-12   02/13

I just finished reading Pacific Glory. Very few times in my 70+ year life have I wept at the end of a novel, but this was one of those times. His vivid and touching descriptions went beyond the pale. I will be adding this author to my extensive reading list.

      - G.S. 11-2-12   02/13

The Last Man A very good book... A pleasant surprise since I only picked it up in desperation!!!! And your language is good, enough of authors who use vulgarity. Great story line...

      - R.T.D. 9-29-12   02/13

I have recently discovered you and finishing my third book of you. I am in the 95073 zip code of California. I want to read scorpion in the sea, no. Our public library system here in Santa Cruz does not have much of your books in circulation, I'm afraid. I really like your books! I am now a big fan of yours.
Best regards,

      - Angel 9-13-12   02/13

I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how much I've enjoyed reading your books. I started at the beginning - which is my rule - and when I read the first chapter of 'scorpion' I knew I had a new favorite author. I'm headed out today to get 'cat dancers', having finished 'firefly' this morning. I had thought about writing to ask you to consider doing another submarine book - as I love those most of all - till I saw the announcement for 'Ghosts'. I can hardly wait. I refuse to even read the teasers for the books I've not started to savor all the plot surprises. Thanks for your hard work and great talent! Keep 'em coming!

      - P.S. 8-29-12   02/13

Every year I look forward to your latest book, and every year you surprise and delight me. What a wonderful book you have written this year and how completely different from last years. This is a great thriller as well as a fascinating history who dun it! Masada will always be a great history mystery and you have opened up a whole new "what if". Left me with lots to think about and admire!

      - H.W. 8-18-12   02/13

I'm a retired Annapolis City Police Captain, Navy brat, and lifelong resident of Annapolis. I’ve read a lot of your books, but I had so much fun reading "Darkside". My wife used to work for St. John's College to boot. It was a hoot to read your interspersing of real places with those you made up. As kids, we used to sneak in some of the various tunnels that we could gain access to, on the yard. Most people around here have no idea that Dorsey Creek is the real name for what is now called College Creek, bordering St. Johns. Believe me, Johnnies are still as odd as when you attended the Academy. I most likely was at your graduation, since we attended almost everyone from 1960 until well into the 70s... Thanks for the fun books, love Sweepers & Edge of Honor too. Keep it up.

      - G.C. 7-25-12   02/13

Just finished Pacific Glory and it was my all time favorite after Scorpion in the Sea. I have read all your books to date but i must admit that Pacific Glory is not only your best but probably the best fiction ever. Yes, better than Tom Clancy, W. E. B. Griffin, and Clive Cussler. As I have requested before, no one writes fiction about the Navy better than you. By the way my dad graduated from Annapolis in 1932 and I served four years as a Naval Officer!

      - R.L. 7-9-12   02/13

Pete, We met some years ago when you made a speech at the Chop School in Athens, GA... I grew up in the Philippines (1949-54) and Samar was still fresh. Just finished Pacific Glory and cried several times over the last 1/3 of the story. Still think of Scorpion and Edge from time to time. Mostly wanted to thank you for your efforts and ability to drag a great story out of time.

      - D.D. 12-12-12   02/13

I just finished 'Pacific Glory' and your Navy expertise really came through in the book. I can't remember being so absolutely moved by any writer and I'm 75 abd a prolific reader. Absolutely a damn good book! I look forward to reading more from you. Thanks and best regards,

      - R.J. 12-9-12   02/13

Just finished Pacific Glory - as a widow of a sailor who was on an LST during the battle of Leyte Gulf found your book very interesting. He had told me that Halsey had left them to chase the Japanese fleet leaving them without cover. He said Admiral Kincaid was responsible for coming to their rescue. Did not find a mention of Kincaid. Also read this week The Moonpool. Enjoy your novels.

      - R.M. 12-5-12    02/13

While i have read many books all my life, I retired and read and listen to considerably more books and audios now. When I started the "Last Man" I almost put it down feeling i would not be interested in this kind of historical event. What a mistake that would have been. I got to David's ride on the airliner and was captivated. I just finished the audio and I consider it the best book I have ever read (listen to). I did not want it to end and kept replaying the discs to make it last longer. I have read all your books and know you do not write continuing stories. Please make an exception. This book, story and writing was so spectacular it must be extended. Thanks for a fantastic reading experience.

      - E.H. 12-29-12   02/13

I wrote you a few months ago and said how much I have loved all your books and was looking forward to Pacific Glory. You wrote back thanking me and said it was the best book you have written. I must say you were right. I could not put it down. Having served 8 in the Navy it was like being back on board ship you describe it so well. i am greatly anticipating you next book and if it is only half as good as Pacific Glory it will be outstanding. Thank you so much for your work.

      - K.A. 1-24-13   02/13

Just finished THE LAST MAN, and as with all your books, I enjoyed it. Well done.
Historical perspective was superb. My only suggestion would be inclusion of a map of Masada pointing out major features, paths, and places (cisterns) where events occurred. You write excellent detailed descriptions, but I got lost in the overall geographic picture you were painting. Thanks

      - D.W. 11-27-12   02/13

I finished The Last Man yesterday - I actually put it down for a day about halfway through as I didn't want the story to end. I mean this with all seriousness - this is your best work - and that's saying something. The texture of the setting, the characters and the story are only eclipsed by the tragedy of the historical foundation beneath it all.

      - P.S. 6-14-2012   06/12

I just finished "The Last Man" and have loads of praise for Deutermann and his ability to reach me and keep my interest from beginning to end. Such a well written novel that places me in comfortable surroundings even after my last trip to Israel which was over thirty years ago.

      - G.C. 6-13-2012   06/12

Thank you, thank you for the new book. Can't wait to hear it....haven't been reading lately.....but I have ALL your books from and LOVE THEM.

      - L.S. 6-13-2012   06/12

Congratulations! You did it again! Every one of your books, starting with my nearly-worn out copy of Scorpion In The Sea, has been great. They are all read regularly, and I usually read them sequentially until I have read all your works one more time. I also appreciate that your technological material is correct - as an engineer, I have a low tolerance for technical errors in a novel. Your novels have some creative technology where appropriate, but the base technology is accurate. As much as I enjoy your books about the sea, your land-based books are just as interesting and fascinating. Thank you again for many hours of enjoyable entertainment.

      - B.R. 6-12-2012   06/12

I've already read "The Last Man". As always I enjoy your writing immensely, and this one has not let me down. I always like writing that demonstrates a great deal of research and a strong sense that the writer has walked the ground about which he writes.

      - B.D. 6-11-2012   06/12

Just finished Firefly, Captain. You had me going there. I'm looking forward to reading The Last Man.

      - D.H. 6-11-2012   06/12

Got the Last Man. Read it. Loved it. Great story.

      - K.O. 6-11-2012   06/12

As always, a great book. I always enjoy your style. Waiting for the next one!

      - B.B. 6-11-2012   06/12

Just finished The Last Man and it is an incredibly well written novel. Couldn't put it down. Have always been interested in Jewish and Christian history. A little fiction, a little history and Voila, a great story. Kudos!

      - D.B. 5-25-2012   06/12

My recent reading of your novel 'Pacific Glory' left me with an urge to learn more. I was a crew member of the USS Halford DD480 from commisioning in early '43 to Ominato, Honshu Aug. '45, S2c to Y1c back to civilian Oct.'45. Our 'moments' in the Pacific keep bringing back memories such as you depict in your novel.

      - C.P.L. 10-26-2011   10/11

I just finished Pacific Glory and just wanted to let you know that I found it to be one of the best novels I have ever read. You did a fantastic job with this one. Keep up the good work.

      - J.B. 10-26-2011   10/11

I have enjoyed all of your books. I listen to them on CD's and iPod. I liked the way you dealt with Pacific Glory and the other Navy stories, as well. I was on the U.S.S. Philippine Sea in the late 50's in an antisubmarine squadron. and appreciate the carrier action. I was wondering if you are going to bring back Cam Richter, he is a good character.

      - T.R. 10-22-2011   10/11

I just wanted to say that I've read all of your books and think Pacific Glory is the best. Please write more based on your military experience.
Thank you.

      - D.P.C. 10-10-2011   10/11

Pacific Glory is the most enjoyable of the ten books of yours I have read. Considering your personal experiences in the Pacific combined with WWII veterans' stories must have made such a color pallet for Pacific Glory. I wonder why you waited so long to write this story!

My father, who is now 89, was among the sailors cleaning up around the Phillipine islands. This added to the richness and pleasure of reading your story.

Thanks for the 'memories'!

      - J.P.S. 10-10-2011   10/11

CAPT. Deutermann,

I just had the pleasure of finishing your latest book, Pacific Glory, and found it was a great read. It was often hard to put down and ranks right up there with the likes of other great novels, such as Vice Admiral William P. Mack's WWII destroyer series. I look forward to reading your next novel and hope the USNI includes this novel as one of their recommended books to others.

      - B.W. 10-10-2011   10/11

I am a Navy veteran, female, no sea duty, but am retired air traffic controller
of 31 years with Navy training. I really enjoy Mr. Deutermanns books and
particularly enjoyed his latest Pacific Glory.

      - M.G. 10-8-2011   10/11

I just finished reading "Nightwalkers". I could hardly bear to put it down. Do you have a sequel to it? This is the first book I have read written by you and will surely read many more. Thank you for a great read!

      - C.R. 10-8-2011   10/11

Just inhaled Pacific Glory. As an old 'tin can sailor' I related to the story in so many ways. I remember life aboard the Wadleigh DD698 and the Rooks DD804.

Thanks for the memories and one hell of a great story.

      - A.H. 10-8-2011   10/11

I had just finished The Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors when I discovered Pacific Glory (narrated by Dick Hill in the audio version). Thank you for a well-told story. Your characters brought the tale to life. My father was XO on a destroyer during the Korean War. One of my earliest memories is visiting the Ward Room on his ship. Your book brought all of that back to me. By the way, Dick Hill does you justice. He can narrate!

      - M.R. 10-8-2011   10/11

Mr Deutermann, Recently borrowed your novel Pacific Glory from the library and am enjoying it immensely. My Uncle told me stories about his exploits aboard the USS WASP in the Solomons, and of the subsequent torpedoing of the ship and the loss of his shipmates. This convinced me to go into the "safer" branch - USMC. Before we lost him three years ago, he handed me an large brown envelope with newspaper clippings from the sinking, as well as clippings from his home town paper as he was wounded in the sinking. Your novel brings home his experiences in ways I never imagined. He was and is a Hero to me. Thank you for documenting this time in our Country's evolution.

      - D.M. 10-7-2011   10/11

Pacific Glory brought tears to my eyes at the end! Have really enjoyed all your books, and especially "Train Man". Thank you for so much reading pleasure.

      - R.E. 10-4-2011   10/11

Mr Deutermann, I have just finished Pacific Glory and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. My Dad, Richard W. Roby, DFC, was one of the pilots from the Gambier Bay, and like you the Battle of Leyte Gulf has always been a part of my life. My Dad is quoted in Jim Hornfischer's book and was also interviewed for North's series and Dogfights so his story is well known.

      - J.R.L. 10-3-2011   10/11

Dear Mr. Deutermann, I just finished Pacific Glory and it was one of the most interesting and entertaining books I have read in quite some time. I particularly enjoyed the description of Midway as my great uncle, Murr Arnold, was Air Officer on the Yorktown at that time. As a youngster, I developed an interest in naval history by reading newspaper clippings my mother had saved about his experience at Midway… As this was the first of your books I have read, I look forward to reading more of your work in the future.

      - T.N. 10-1-2011   10/11

Captain Deutermann, SIR! Having read every one of your novels, beginning with Darkside, I can unequivocally state that your last one, Pacific Glory is, IMO, the very best one to date. Instead of fiction, it seemed to me to be a true story and I was pulled in from the very first page until the last. An absolute, fantastic, entertaining book! Thank you, sir.

      - P.G. 5-24-11   05/11