The Hooligans


"The Hooligans fictionalizes the little-known but remarkable exploits of "The Hooligan Navy" that fought in the Pacific theatre of World War II. Loosely-organized in fast moving squadrons, PT (patrol torpedo) boats were the pesky nemesis of the formidable Japanese navy, who dubbed them the "the mosquito fleet" and "devil boats" for their daring raids against Japanese warships, tankers, and transport ships.

After the Pearl Harbor raid plunges America into war, young surgical resident Dr. Lincoln Anderson signs up with the Navy medical corps. His first deployment comes in August 1942 at Guadalcanal, when after a brutal sea battle and the landing of Marines on the island, Anderson finds himself triaging and then saving hundreds of casualties under relentless Japanese air and land attacks.

But with the navy critically short of doctors, Anderson is soon transferred to serve as the squadron medical officer for a PT boat squadron based on Tulagi attles of Leyte Gulf, Anderson and the crews of his squadron confront submarines and surface ships, are attacked from the air by the dreaded Kawanishi flying boats, and relentlessly hunted by Japanese destroyers. In the end, Anderson, a medical officer, is called to lead a division of PT boats in a seemingly suicidal mission against a Japanese battleship formation—and learn the true metal of his character."

The Hooligans:

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