Needing a break from his too-eventful detective career, Cam is in search of more peaceful pastures in the North Carolina countryside. He buys a seven hundred­–acre antebellum plantation, but his new locale is not as quiet as he’d hoped. Soon Cam finds himself caught up in mischievous pranks around his land, which happens to be the site of a Civil War-era massacre. When the practical jokes turn hostile, however, he realizes he’s been targeted by a killer who holds him responsible for something Cam is pretty sure he never did.

Now Cam will need all of his resources—including his redoubtable German shepherds—to stay alive as he deals with a determined stalker, some very eccentric people, and all the entanglements of a place suddenly alive with secrets and the fruits of a bloody past...

Kirkus Reviews calls P. T. Deutermann's Nightwalkers "A rousing, spirited yarn."